cruz product cloud

We believe technology can help improve the circularity of products and materials.


We create intelligent labels for products combining QR code with blockchain technology to allow products become more transparent since we can access its traceability, know which materials were used and where they come from, what percentage of the product is from recovered materials and after the product´s lifespan we can contact the manufacturer to return it and complete its life cycle reducing waste.

This technology also enables authentisity certificates and access to previous owners in the product lifespan.

The product cloud creates new business model opportunities, generating new revenue streams for companies, giving them the possibility of developing resilient business models.

We can also include certificates of authenticity to protect the product from replicas. We maximize communication between brands and consumers improving their shopping and use experience.

With these smart tags we can improve the use of products, extending their lifespan and the product value in re-sale business models.

This way, impact is measured and transmitted to users, involving them in the product process and also teaching them how to improve circularity with safe and relevant information.

benefits of product cloud

Gives accurate and secure information about the product, materials used, manufacturing location, artisans who made them, etc.

Fluid, simple and transparent communication with the customer, improves their shopping experience and use of product experience. This generates customer loyalty to the brand and empowers the consumer provinding them with the necessary information to make better decisions when changing or discarding the product, reducing waste and retaining the product´s value in the economy (Re-sell).

It enables new revenue streams for companies since they can implement new business models of repair, swap or discount coupons to consumers in exchange for the products, making the process more circular.

SECURITY – The product cloud gives us secure information and communication between brands and consumers, we are able to generate authenticity cetificates of products and objects, protecting them from replicas and we can also access the products re-sale price if necessary.

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