Zero Summit trophy design Sao Paulo

Cruz Creative Lab designed the trophy for Zero Summit, the global summit where technologies & ideas for carbon zero future meet.

Based on the brand identity of the summit, we designed a sculpture that represents a 3D version of the brand identity, highlighting the decarbonization of the planet illustrated with a desintegrating carbon element.

The manufacturing process was 3D printing allowing the organizers to print the trophies on site reducing carbon footprint in transportation. The material chose was biodegradable PLA a plant based polymer suitable for 3D printing.

About Zero Summit

At the end of 2019, ZERO SUMMIT was just an idea conceived by former Formula-E world champion and UN sustainability ambassador, Lucas Di Grassi, and by entrepreneurs Rodrigo Pedroso and Carlos Pellicer during an MBA program at Harvard.

The concept of the event arose from the need and the vision that the world is changing and going to an environment much more focused on technologies that will revolutionize, mainly, the environmental part of the planet.

After 4 months, Zero Summit was launched to more than 750 guests and journalists from Brazil and around the world as the first event in Latin America where leaders would meet to discuss the future with Zero Carbon.

More than 500 yellow ipês were distributed to offset the emissions generated by the launch event.

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