Parts Reuse.
Mahindra Racing FormulaE Team

This collaboration with Mahindra Racing FormulaE Team conveys sustainability and revaluation of the materials from discarded race car parts due to breakage during the races. The result was a sculptural piece were auto parts are not recognized at first glance, creating a game between the spectator and the object as it is discovered.

“The Purpose of this sculpture is to create something unique from the scraps and parts of the Mahindra Racing Team during the NYC E-Prix. Unity, Lightness, Mobility, Technology and Speed are the concepts used for this project based on Sustainability.

Using car discarded pieces as structure, we recycled the vinyl into an electric circuit to reinforce the concept of speed, technology and electrical mobility.

The same visual appeal extends throughout the sculpture to reinforce the unity of the team.

Mahindra Racing is evolving and innovating all the time, breaking barriers and moving forward towards a more sustainable future in mobility. This concepts were used in the shape of the sculpture making it aerodynamic and ascendant.
The whole sculpture stands on an aluminium base lined with premium Uruguayan leather.”

Mariano Piñeyrua

Industrial Designer