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CAMBIO – Repurposed Coffee

Surely at some point in your life you have transplanted a plant and most likely it came in a disposable plastic pot. Now imagine an industrial plantation of hundreds of thousands of hectares a year and millions of trees, how many disposable plastic pots are used. We could fill more than 900 stadiums to maximum capacity of spectators!

In turn, the current process of transplanting in large quantities is laborious since it is a task that must be carried out manually with great care to preserve the roots of the plants when separating the plant from its pot.

This is how “CAMBIO” was born, as a solution we propose to develop a biodegradable pot made of a bioplastic made from the coffee grounds discarded in coffee shops.

With our solution, the pot is planted directly in the ground thanks to its biodegradable material, providing nutrients to the soil, protecting the plants in their handling and saving labor time, improving the productivity of the establishments. In addition to replacing the use of plastic in agro-industrial establishments.

Why do we choose coffee? Because it is a natural fertilizer since it contains a high concentration of nitrogen and is also disposed of in considerable quantities in cafeterias, more than 3,500 kg per month.

Our product helps to regenerate the material by recovering it from the coffee shops and preserving its value, we help to optimize waste management in the coffee shops so that they classify the coffee separating it from the other waste and we recycle the coffee giving it a new use, and an extension of its useful life, taking into account that at the end of the life cycle of this new product, the nutrients will be returned to the earth through their biodegradation.

This project seeks to minimize the environmental impact of agriculture from the point of view of the use of plastic.

We will develop a pilot plan where we can obtain feedback from producers and nurseries and measure the performance of our product, in order to make improvements and continue optimizing the product.

We will make a sales video with the aim that the client can see the entire process, from the material, its functionality and costs and can contact us through a landing page to reserve the product.

To measure the potential market for this product, it should be noted that in Uruguay alone, more than 60 million seedlings are managed in the nurseries in the forestry industry.

The olive and critical industry consumes so many trees a year.

In order for this project to be successful, we have established alliances with ctplas with whom we will carry out the laboratory tests and studies of the material.

We have specialty coffee shops that separate the coffee waste so that we can obtain the raw material in conditions and with Biopack, a company that produces biodegradable bags so that they can scale production.